ICD10 syllabus

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ICD-10 COURSE – Standalone Course – Pre-Requisite ICD-9

TIME FOR COMPLETION: 90 hours (20 instruction, 70 laboratory/practicum)


A. Overview of Guidelines

B. Benefits of ICD-10-CM

C. Similarities and Differences ICD-9 and ICD-10

D. Additional changes in ICD-10

E. Section Organization

F. Conventions, General Coding Guidelines and

Chapter Specific Guidelines

G. You Code It

H. Patient Charts 1-75


ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting – all sections currently available for review (from the World Health Organization).

Section Series Alpha/Numeric

Infectious and Parasitic Diseases A00-B99

Neoplasms C00-D49

Disease of Blood and Blood-Forming Organs

and Disorders Involving the Immune Mechanism D50-D

Endocrine, Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases E00-E89

Mental and Behavioral Disorders F01-F99

Diseases of Nervous System and Sense Organs G00-G99

Diseases of Eye and Adnexa H00-H59

Diseases of Ear and Mastoid Process H60-H95

Diseases of Circulatory System I00-I99

Diseases of Respiratory System J00-J99

Diseases of Digestive System K00-K94

Diseases of Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue L00-L99

Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System and

Connective Tissue M00-M99

Diseases of Genitourinary System N00-N99

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Puerperium O00-O9A

Newborn (Perinatal) Guidelines P00-P96

Congenital Malformations, Deformations, and

Chromosomal Abnormalities Q00-Q99

Symptoms, Signs, and Abnormal clinical and

Laboratory Findings, Not Elsewhere Classified R00-R99

Injury, Poisoning, and Certain Other Consequences of

External Causes S00-T88

External Causes of Morbidity V01-Y99

Factors Influencing Health Status and Contact with

Health Services Z00-Z99