Affiliate Program

Earn Back Your Course Fees AND MORE!

When you purchase an online course from us you are automatically registered as an affiliate. You will be given a unique link to our site, which you can send to friends and acquaintances. When someone follows the link and makes a purchase on our site, you will be paid a generous commission. Refer a few of your friends and you could make all of your course fees back. Refer a lot of friends and acquaintances and you can come out way ahead. For details see complete terms of our affiliate program.

You can use the link we send you to send them to our home page, or you can use the instructions below to build a link to any page on our site. Please do not build links to restricted pages such as course content as the receiver would not be able to access them since they will not have a user name and password.

You can view your affiliate link on the members page . We will also send you an email with a reminder about our affiliate program and your unique affiliate link a few days after you purchase.


  • Can I sign up for the affiliate program first and earn a commission on my personal purchases?
  • No you must purchase first to become an affiliate (unless you are already an experienced affiliate marketer in which case please contact us through our contact form to become an affiliate). In any case you may not use your affiliate link to receive commissions on your personal purchases.
  • I already purchased one product from you. Can I use my affiliate link to purchase additional courses and receive a commission on them?
  • Sorry, no. You may not receive commissions on personal purchases.
  • Can I use your affiliate program to receive discounts on purchases made by members of my household?
  • Sorry, sales to people who live at the the same address as you are not commissionable.
  • How much is the commission?
  • We pay a percentage of the sale. For the current percentage and all the terms and conditions see here.
  • Who gets credit for the sale in the case of a purchaser following multiple affiliate links?
  • The affiliate whose link was used right before the sale. (last link wins).
  • How long after the sale until I get paid?
  • Please see the full terms here.

Instructions for building affiliate links

You can also find this information at the foot of your members page right below your products and above your earnings.


If your affiliate link is and you want to link to you would take your link and add "&p=" so the full link would be:"&"
Note the part added at the end of the url does not contain http:// and starts with www.