Affiliate Terms of Service

When you purchase from us you will be automatically enrolled as an affiliate. We may from time to time allow some people who are already experienced affiliate marketers to become affiliates without making a purchase. We will pay a commission of 30% of the actual purchase price (not including any sales tax or discounts) on all on-line course purchase or 30% on all CD purchases, to you, providing the person making the purchase is not you or your spouse, or a member of your immediate household living at the same address as you, or anyone else living at the same address as you. We will process your payment 61 days of receiving payment from the purchaser. In the case of purchases which are made using periodic payments, you will receive a commission payment 61 days after each payment is received by us on that payment amount only.

We will not pay affiliates who live in any country, Canadian province, or U.S. state where our affiliate program would be illegal. We will not pay commissions in cases where our affiliates damage our reputation through their actions (i.e. through spamming sites with their affiliate link), who post links on sites through spam comments which have nothing to do with the pages they are posted on, or who violate laws in the way they promote (such as surreptitiously taking control of others’ computers and using them to mass post links). If you are in any doubt as to whether a particular affiliate marketing strategy would violate our terms of service please check with us through our contact form or by phone. Affiliate links are not to be displayed on sites with offensive or sexually explicit content,that promote violence, illegal activity or discrimination.

If you owe us money because you purchased a course on a payment plan, we have the option to credit your account with your commission, instead of paying you.

We reserve the right to make changes in this program from time to time without notice, however we will attempt to give 15 days notice of any change which might affect your marketing strategies (such as how much you pay for CPC campaigns), except in emergencies.

In cases of dispute this agreement will be governed by the law of St Lucie County, Florida which shall be the sole venue for bringing suit against us.

Payments will be made to you by Paypal. In the event you cannot receive payments by Paypal, please contact us to make other arrangements. We must have either a mailing address or a Paypal address for you in order for you to be paid. It is your responsibility to make sure that we have a way to pay you. We may require a social security number (or foreign equivalent) from you if your earnings reach a certain level. We may hold up payments to you until you furnish a number to us.

You may not use your affiliate link on any site which resembles our site in appearance.
If we furnish any promotional materials to you including text and images, you may only use them to promote sales from our site, in such ways as we approve and only for the length of time that we permit.
You must comply with all copyright laws on any site promoting ours. We assume no responsibility for your failure to check copyrights and comply with applicable copyright law. If you want to quote text from our site on your own web site, you must ask for our permission in advance.

You agree not to post your affiliate links in forums except as allowed by each site in your signature, or as part of a post that is on topic. Cross posting the same message to multiple forums, or repeatedly posting the same message will be regarded as spamming.

We may cancel your right to any benefits from our affiliate program in cases where you are promoting through spamming or other means that damage our reputation. You may cancel at any time, simply by stopping all forms of promotion of our site.