Medical Billing and Coding Combo

This combination course let’s you add two powerful career opportunities to your skill set at the same time.
Coding is the basic foundation for every billing to any individual, insurer,or government program. This course includes Billing, Coding, Terminology, and Health Insurance Specialist. For the complete course outline see here. Note that the time commitment is less total time than you would need in order to take both courses separately as the two courses have modules in common.

*** All coding courses, or courses that include coding require the purchase of two reference books from an outside source. You may also purchase a used inexpensive edition anywhere online instead of the new edition. *** – SELECT THE 89.95 EDITION and

TIME FOR COMPLETION: 700 hours (Coding 720hours, billing only 80hrs as the HIS and terminology are included in Coding)


Online: $2,658.00, CD version: $1289.00. All courses and CDs have easy payment options.

Financing: We offer the payment plans listed below. If you have any questions please contact us via our contact form or by phone.

Buy Billing /Coding Combo -one single payment of $2442.20


Buy Billing/Coding Combo -downpayment of $350.00 plus 6 Easy Payments of $393.00


Buy Billing/Coding Combo -downpayment of $450.00 plus 12 Easy Payments of $188.17