Medical Records Technician Syllabus

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Chapter 1 – Medical Record Technician

Chapter 2 – Medical Records

A. Rationale and Application

B. Record Number and Forms

C. Medical Reports

(1) History and Physical

(2) Clinical and Laboratory

(3) Autopsy

(4) Operation

(5) Discharge Summaries

Chapter 3 – Departmental Responsibilities

A. The Department

B. Step by Step Process

C. Filing Systems

(1) Straight Numeric Filing

(2) Terminal Digital Filing

D. Data and Statistics

Chapter 4 – Electronic Medical Records


B. Differences in EMR/EHR

C. Benefits of EHR

D. Paper Medical Records

E. Computerization of Medical Records

Chapter 5 – Policies and Procedures

A. Policies and Procedures

B. Confidential Information Management

C. Public Law – HIPAA

Chapter 6 – Workplace Assets

Chapter 7 – Medical Professionals

Chapter 9 – Coding

A. Disease Classifications and Coding

B. ICD9-10 Codes

C. CPT Codes


E. APC Codes

F. Coding Software

G. Coding Practice