Medical Coding

Medical Coding Course Description

Medical Coding Training Course – On-Line or CD Course

TIME FOR COMPLETION: 620 hours- 390 hours (140 instruction, 250 laboratory/practicum)
Plus + Terminology: 150 hours+Health Insurance – 80 hours

*** All coding courses, or courses that include coding require the purchase of two reference books from an outside source. You may also purchase a used inexpensive edition anywhere online instead of the new edition. *** – SELECT THE 89.95 EDITION and

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Medical coders are in great demand.There continues to be a shortage of qualified coders in the medical industry. Learn everything you need to know to become a medical coder. The course includes Health Insurance Specialist and Medical Terminology. For complete syllabus details, see this page: medical coding syllabus

Online Course vs. CD version differences:

All courses via online or CD will prepare you for the Certification Exam in that field. You will receive a Certificate of Completion by taking the online version of the course and passing the final exam, not included with CD version. Our online courses include training support 7 days per week, automated test taking, and after graduate support. To purchase the CD version of this course, click here.

What to Expect:

The training will provide the career skills needed for medical coding processes in both clinical and institutional settings. Training for Medical Coding Certification is self-paced. Includes overview of Medical Terminology and Health Insurance Specialist. Upon completion, you can work as a coder in a physician’s office, medical clinic,hospital, or set up a home coding service. If you already know ICD-9 coding you do not need the full course. You can purchase the stand alone ICD-10 course here.


Online: $2084.00, CD version: $989.00. All courses and CDs have easy payment options.

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