Medical Office Manager

The Medical Office Manager Course will prepare you for rewarding and lucrative opportunities in administrative or managerial positions within clinics, medical offices, or hospitals. It’s a great way to embark on a rewarding and interesting career,with training on the many facets of knowledge required of a medical manager all contained in one package. The course contains modules on billing, medical terminology, coding, health insurance, human resource procedures and rules, HIPAA compliance, and how to fill a leadership position in a medical office.

Learn everything you need to learn in order to fill a management position in a hospital,clinic or physicians office. For complete syllabus details, see this page: Medical Office Manager Syllabus

*** All coding courses, or courses that include coding require the purchase of two reference books from an outside source. You may also purchase a used inexpensive edition anywhere online instead of the new edition. *** – SELECT THE 89.95 EDITION and

TIME TO COMPLETE: 800 HOURS (352 instruction, 448 laboratory)


Online: $ 3,025.00, CD version: $1849.00. All courses and CDs have easy payment options.

Financing: We offer the payment plans listed below. If you have any questions please contact us via our contact form or by phone.

Buy Medical Office Manager-  One Single Payment of $2772.50 (10% discount from payment plans)


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Buy Medical Office Manager- downpayment of $450.00 plus 12 easy payments of $218.75